25 rarest birds you might have ever seen

God has made this world beautiful by adding gifts like animals, trees, and ocean etc. In the same way birds are also gift of God. There roughly ten thousand unique types of birdy creatures. Some of them are common or normal; in actuality they can be seen anytime or anywhere. But there are other birds that are not common. They are extremely rare so that only few of people get a chance to see them. Even they are so rare that they can be seen once a year or life. From the giant ibis and the California condor to Ruppell’s vulture. In this article we will discuss 25 of the world most rarest birds you might have ever seen:

#25 – Giant Ibis

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The biggest of the world’s ibises, the Giant Ibis is an expansive walking bird bound to northern Cambodia, with few of birds that are surviving in astonishing southern Laos and the Yok Don National Park in Vietnam. Devastation of its normal natural surroundings, drafts brought on by environmental change and overhunting drove this wonderful flying creature to the edge of annihilation.