25 most windely spoken languages in the world

#24 – Yue Chinese (59 Million)

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Yue or Yueh is one of the main languages of Chinese talked in southern China, especially the areas of Guangxi and Guangdong, both languages are called Liangguang. Yue language belongs to the Sino-Tibetan family of Sinitic group. Different dialects of Yue chinese are Wu-Hua, Gao-Yang, Gou-Lou, Qin-Lian, Yong-Xun and Guangfu. The name Cantonese is regularly utilized for the entire branch, however linguistics want to save that name for the collection of Guangzhou (Canton), Hong Kong and Macau, which is the main language. Taishanese, from the beach front territory of Jiangmen found southwest of Guangzhou, was the language of the majority of the nineteenth century displaced people from Guangdong to North America and Southeast Asia. Most later emigrant are belong to Cantonese. Two writing system of Yue Chinese are Traditional Chinese and Cantonese Braille.