25 most windely spoken languages in the world

#10 – Punjabi (95 Million)

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Punjabi is the tenth most spoken and official language in the punjab region of India and Pakistan. Local speakers of punjabi are known as Punjabis. Most widely speak by the people of Dehli, Himachal Pardesh and Haryana in India also majority of the people of Punjab and Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. Gurumukhi and Shahmukhi are the two writing scripts of pujabi. Punjabi is primarily spoken by Sikhs. Stories on the life of Guru Nanak are early examples of Pujabi Literature. Majore dialects of punjabi in India are Majhi, Daobi, Pwadhi and Malwi and in Pakistan are Majhi, Pothohari, Hindko and Multani.