25 Most Haunted Places in Europe

#23 – Château de Châteaubriant – France

France is probably the country with the most haunted castles in the whole Europe, and one of those castles is Château de Châteaubriant. This mesmerizing castle is said to be haunted by the troubled soul of Françoise de Foix, the mistress of King Francis I. And it is no wonder why she still haunts this majestic castle although she died several centuries ago.

Reportedly, Laval-Châteaubriant, Françoise’s husband, made an order to his servants to lock Françoise de Foix in her bedroom and to tie her up to her bed. He made that order because he believed he was cheating him with King Francis I. It is rumored that Françoise died either from hunger or from poisoning while being locked in her room at Château de Châteaubriant. Today, her spirit full of rage towards men haunts the castle.