25 Most Haunted Places in Europe

Since the dawn of times, the humankind was interested in the unexplained phenomena and other dimensions besides the one we live in. However, most of the phenomena the early humans thought were supernatural were scientifically explained. But, even today there are some phenomena that even the modern science can’t explain. Those phenomena include ghosts, demons, haunted places, monsters, and other things that belong to a dimension different than ours.

In this article, we will deal with haunted places in Europe. Haunted places are, as their name implies, places which are haunted. Haunted by what? They are places haunted by ghosts, demons, poltergeists or other beings from the other side. We will concentrate in this article on the most haunted places in Europe since Europe is the continent with the most reportedly haunted locations in the world. If you are brave enough to read about anything from ghosts, demons and other supernatural beings to headless curates and phantoms, then have a look at the 25 Most Haunted Places in Europe:

#25 – Zvikov Castle – Czech Republic

Although beautiful from the outside, the Czech castle Zvikov is sinister on the inside. This place is one of the most haunted locations in the Czech Republic. Since the 17th century, spine-chilling stories about the haunting of the Zvikov Castle have been told, and people still tell creepy stories about this castle.

This castle is reportedly haunted by a creature from the Slavic mythology called Rarach, which is a sinister imp or a trickster. Odd events happen at the Zvikov Castle frequently including weird behavior of the animals near the castle, strange appearances on photos taken in this castle, and problems with technical equipment that occur when it is near this castle. There is even a legend that says whoever spends the night at this castle will die within the next year from that event. Are you brave enough to spend the night at the Zvikov Castle then?