25 Most Beautiful Muslim Actresses

The world we live in is filled with people of various ethnic background, religions, occupations, etc. More on, the world of acting is also abundant in actors and actresses of various religious and ethnic backgrounds. Following that, we can conclude that there must be a few Muslim actresses. However, not only that there are a few Muslim actresses, but there are a plethora of Muslim women who became actresses and became successful.

Following the fact that most of the Muslim women are gorgeous and appealing, we can easily conclude that today’s actresses who belong to the Islamic religion are also appealing and gorgeous. In this list, we will feature 25 Most Beautiful Muslim Actresses. Let’s take a look who those gorgeous women and what do they do:

#25 – Mona Ali Mohamed Zaki

Mona Ali Mohamed Zaki is the name of one of the most attractive and most appreciated Egyptian actresses. This Egyptian beauty was born on November 18, 1976. Although Mona is at the moment 40 years old, she retained her gorgeousness and vitality. Nobody would tell that Mona is 40 years old because of her gorgeous and exotic looks.

Mona claims that she accidentally became an actress. She said that she would never become an actress if she had never met famous Egyptian actor Mohamed Sobhi. Mona was cast as the main role in a plethora of Egyptian and international movies and film series. She is at the moment married to Ahmed Helmy, with whom she has three children.