25 Most Beautiful Cars in the World

Before you start reading this amazing article of ours, stop for a moment and think about something we will tell you now. We wanted you to think about how would the modern world today look without cars? Think about it. Our opinion that our world would be in total chaos without cars. Without cars, we couldn’t be able to visit the persons who live far away from us. Without these mighty machines, we wouldn’t have economy since the economy is based on transport and the main mean of transport is no other one than cars. Cars are indeed an essential part of our everyday life.

Although every car is essential, that doesn’t mean that every car is appealing and pleasant to the eye. There are certain cars in the world that no one really wants to drive, no matter how mighty they are, because of their “ugliness.” However, luckily there are more cars with appealing designs in the world we live in than “ugly” cars. Today, we will feature some of the most beautiful cars ever produced. So, let’s have a look at the 25 Most Beautiful Cars in the World:

#25 – 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB

This beauty of a car was put up for sale, as the title says, in 1967. What makes this car special is that it was the first car manufactured by the famous Ferrari Company to feature wheels without any wires. 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB sports car also boasts about being one of the few chosen cars to be featured on several top lists that enlisted the most beautiful cars of the 1960’s.

Although the 1967 model of Ferrari 275 GTB is the most beautiful Ferrari 275 GTB car, the Ferrari 275 GTB cars were introduced in 1964 and were manufactured until 1968.  All of these cars were gran turismo automobiles with 280 to 300 horsepower.