25 Food recipes that can change your mood

#18 – Smashed Cheeseburger

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In large bowl, combine meat of brisket and ground sirloin. Divide into four equal size usually two inches thick. During this heat pan, melt the butter and place the buns cook it until its cut sides are golden-brown. Increase heat to high and add two tablespoon until smoke out of the oil. Add a patty to griddle and press with the help of spatula flat on the top of patty. Press down and remove the spatula without tearing the patty. Flip the patty once its first side is deeply browned and crisp. Sprinkled the salt, pepper then add the cheese and continue to cook until cheese melted and place the cooked patties to the bottom of buns. Finally place lettuce, tomatoes and sauce to the top and serve it immediately than can change your mood.