25 Fastest Developing Countries in the World

Every country in the world is either poor or rich, and there is nothing in between. The people in every country in the world are either rich or poor, and that all depends whether a country is poor or rich by the country’s GDP. An undeveloped country (A poor country) is every country whose GDP per capita is below $20,000. However, many people claim that GDP per capita in any country is a sign that it is an undeveloped country.

Although there are a lot of undeveloped countries in the world with a very low GDP per capita, some of them are doing all they can to reach the status of a developed country. In this list, we are going to feature the countries of the world which are on their way to becoming developed countries. We made our list according to the official real GDP growth rate of each country. Let’s have a look at 25 Fastest Developing Countries in the World:

#25 – Niue – 6.20% GDP Growth

Okay, we believe that this is the first time that you hear of the country called Niue, so we will explain where this country is located and talk about its economics.

Niue is an island country whose whereabouts is in the South Pacific Ocean. The country has only 1,612 inhabitants. The three main economic sectors in which the people of Niue work include fishing, agriculture, and tourism. In the recent years, this country received a significant GDP growth thanks to tourism and because it became debt-free as of 2016.